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L.A. rapper Schoolboy Q takes to an abandoned building to freestyle (and do the robot) in the latest episode of "Selector".

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"I’ve had a couple of fans come up to me crying, talking about how I changed their life and shit like that. But people always tell me shit like that at the wrong time, either when I’m just coming off stage, or I’m at a meet-and-greet and there are a whole bunch of people behind them. Still, I listen to it, and I tell them thank you or whatever."

— L.A. rapper Schoolboy Q on the perils of untimely, sobbing fans in our newest Guest List.


ScHoolboy Q (feat. A$AP Rocky) - “Hands On The Wheel”

ScHoolboy Q - Hands On the Wheel [ft. A$AP Rocky]

East Coast meets West Coast on “Hands On the Wheel”, a Best New Track from L.A.’s ScHoolboy Q and Harlem’s A$AP Rocky.