Aziz Ansari talks with Carrie Battan about Jagged Edge, Mrs. Doubtfire, and more in our latest Guest List interview.

Aziz Ansari talks with Carrie Battan about Jagged Edge, Mrs. Doubtfire, and more in our latest Guest List interview.

"Part of me wants to get two tattoos of refrigerators on each arm, and then I would just fill them with different food tattoos. I’d need to keep it kosher, so I’d have meat and cheese separate, or maybe meat and fruits in one fridge and leftovers in the other one."

— Este Haim on her dream tattoo in the latest Guest List.

"Sometimes I have difficulty reacting, but I’m not scared of the fact that people are crying at shows. You want people to feel something. It’s strange to have that power over someone’s emotions, but it’s much better to communicate something than for people to just be like, ‘Oh, this is cool.’"

Majical Cloudz's Devon Welsh talks to Jenn Pelly about emotional audiences, Radiohead, Limp Bizkit, and much more as part of our latest Guest List interview.

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"I don’t think Marilyn Manson realized how big he was going to become. Once he did, he probably did way too many drugs and became unfocused, but he could have extended his reign if he hadn’t become such a druggie. I just like when unexpected people come out of nowhere, and you’re just like, ‘Oh, for all these reasons this person is not gonna make it,’ or ‘This person doesn’t fit the mold,’ or ‘This person’s not pretty.’ Then they just take all the trophies."

— New York City rapper Mykki Blanco, from our latest Guest List.

"I have a problem with sweets. I have an inability to eat a just little bit. It’s almost like I can’t even enjoy chocolate anymore— I have to stuff it into my brain, cram it into my ears. I don’t like that I have to look at sweets and cookies and have emotions about them; I’m depressed because I can’t eat it, or I’m being secretive and just stuffing a cookie in my mouth. It seems to control me more than I can control it."

"Portlandia" star Fred Armisen opens up to us about his debilitating addiction to sweets in our latest Guest List, which also features insights and confessions from Carrie Brownstein.

"My hope is that people who wouldn’t necessarily be inspired to vote will remember to vote and remember what they can do to take things forward. Women’s rights are what they are in this country because of what women before us have accomplished, and if we want to keep those rights, we have to fight for them. We can’t just take them for granted."

Corin Tucker

"I wake up and check my Instagram to see what I missed out on last night. Then I check my Twitter. Then I check my Tumblr. Then I get up and I roll a blunt and burn it down. And I go in the shower, get dressed, and then burn another blunt down. I definitely brush my teeth after smoking— I feel it’s pointless if you brush your teeth and then smoke right after, you know?"

— Odd Future’s Domo Genesis tells Carrie Battan all about his morning routine in our latest Guest List.

"Little me’s. Like a small clone you could bring home and interact with and ask all your questions to, and then it would die. And you could bury it. It’s a human-connection item, and the outcome is ultimately up to you. But it’s going to die. The clone is cooler than me."

El-P talks about his Dream Merch Table Item in the newest Guest List.

"I don’t really go to record stores much anymore. The internet has spoiled me. I’d rather just hit up iTunes. You never know what could happen when you go into a store— somebody might pull a Tonya Harding on you and break your knee cap. And now you got your knees all fucked up just ‘cause you wanted to get that vinyl."

— Stand-up comedian Hannibal Buress brings up a valid point (perhaps) in our latest Guest List.

"Vibrating women’s panties. I know that’s an incredibly sexist, politically incorrect answer, and it doesn’t bother me in the least bit. You can only be so correct, like, ‘Well, I can’t wear that, because it was made over there by those people that only get paid five cents a day.’ Maybe that five cents a day is like $500 to them— who knows? We don’t spend enough time trying to place ourselves in other people’s shoes."

OFF! frontman Keith Morris talks about his “Dream Merch Item” in our latest Guest List.

"I’ve had a couple of fans come up to me crying, talking about how I changed their life and shit like that. But people always tell me shit like that at the wrong time, either when I’m just coming off stage, or I’m at a meet-and-greet and there are a whole bunch of people behind them. Still, I listen to it, and I tell them thank you or whatever."

— L.A. rapper Schoolboy Q on the perils of untimely, sobbing fans in our newest Guest List.

"I hate all of the days. I hate the whole idea of a week having days passing by and then repeating. I’ve hated that concept since I was a child. There’s not a single day I am looking forward to."

— Jan St. Werner of German electronic maestros Mouse on Mars on his favorite day of the week in our latest Guest List. Did we mention he’s German?

"I’d probably sell vibrators with my name on them. The thought of a girl wankin’ it with my name on it is pretty cool to me."

Rapper Danny Brown on his dream merch table item.