"Michael Jackson was a big figure for those of us that were rebellious and recording songs off the radio while still in the Children of God. We didn’t know a lot of musicians, but everybody knew Michael Jackson. He was also the most scandalous person. When we told our parents we liked him, they would pee their pants. That was like saying you liked Satan’s homosexual love child. It was just the worst. There was a time where he was the Marilyn Manson of the world. And his lyrics were just so beautiful to somebody who was rebelling but also wanted to prove that he wasn’t doing something bad at the same time. I could tell myself, ‘My parents are so stupid, all this guy wants to do is heal the world.’ There’s nobody half as cool as Michael Jackson."

Christopher Owens talks about the music of his life— Michael Jackson, Suede, John Coltrane— as well as growing up in the controversial Children of God cult in our latest 5-10-15-20 interview.